ERIN 3.0

New Features Focused on Automation and Engagement!

As our product expands we continue to focus on employee engagement and automating every piece of your employee referral policy. ERIN 3.0 takes this mission even further by allowing you to automate eligibility requirements and giving you new ways to engage employees! ERIN 3.0 has added new features like bonus campaigns, eligibility rules, diversity incentives, and dynamic translations.

Bonus Campaigns

The Bonus Campaign will temporarily change the bonus assigned to a specific job or you now have the option to bulk change multiple bonuses. After the campaign ends the bonus will revert back to the original bonus amount set for that position.

Learn more about Bonus Campaigns >

Diversity Incentives

Diversity incentives allow you to add a specific bonus based on a diversity hire. This will help to create inclusion when it comes to your recruiting pipeline and business.

Learn more about Diversity Incentives

Eligibility Rules

Are you eligible for a bonus? We now have rules to automate it using policy automation.

  • Exclusion Rules
  • Inclusion Rules

Learn more about Eligibility Rules 

Dynamic Translations

ERIN has always supported language translation within the product, but now dynamic content such as job title and description can be automatically translated on the fly.

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