ERIN 3.5

New Features Focused on Automation and Engagement!

ERIN 3.5 brings innovative features, such as gamification using points, enhanced employee bonus tracking, ownership periods, and internal mobility AI. ERIN 3.5 targets increasing engagement of employees and further automation of enterprise-level employee referral policies. 



Employees can now earn micro-rewards in the form of points to engage them at every stage of the employee referral and recruitment process. ERIN’s point system provides administrators flexibility to individually manage employee’s points in exchange for non monetary rewards and will soon allow employees to cash out points for digital gift cards.

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My Bonuses

Employees can now specifically track their bonuses in a new user interface called “My Bonuses”. Employees will be able to track their hired referral bonuses separate from their referrals.

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Ownership Periods

Employees that are the first to refer a candidate will automatically get credit for all future referrals and applications of that candidate during the ownership period.

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Internal Mobility AI

Employees can now upload their own resume to be parsed to match them with positions that provide them with upward movement in the organization. Employees will see new job matches right on their dashboard and can apply directly through their internal job board.

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