Eliminate Turnover and Find Fast Food Employees Fast

Turnover affects a lot of different industries in a number of ways, but it’s no secret that the fast food industry is impacted by a high turnover rate. Turnover is an issue for many reasons; a lack of employees, recruiting costs, training time, and more. However, high turnover in the fast food industry doesn’t only affect the managers, team members, and overall staff, but the customers as well. Customers are there for the same purpose; to get their order. The customers are waiting to get a food item from the menu. However, a lack of staff can cause a headache for all involved. 

The customers are just waiting for the food they ordered, while the crewmembers are trying to keep up with all of the incoming orders. The crewmembers aren’t just trying to keep up with orders, but due to the high turnover, a lot of fast food workers are inexperienced and not thoroughly trained. This can lead to upset customers who are disappointed in the service or who have received an incorrect order. High turnover leads to a full circle of issues across the fast food chain. A number of locations are forced to adjust their hours to fit the lack of staff or shut down altogether.

Employees want to work fast and efficiently, but that can be difficult in an environment where you are sacrificing the quality of the food due to make up for a lack of staff.  Fast food is in the title of the industry, so how do you provide a customer with the service and food they deserve? Often when you are looking for employees in this industry you need them right away, but finding the right ones can be challenging. How can you find your next crew member?

  • Focus on your job descriptions
  • Help streamline the recruiting process with an employee referral platform
  • Offer employee hiring incentives

Writing a job description may seem like a straightforward task, but it may not be as simple as it seems. If you are looking to attract qualified candidates make sure to consider what they may be looking for in a job. Take an extra minute to think about the words you use. The language you put into your job description can be the difference between an applicant and someone passing up your open position. In your job description make sure to provide details about the company and position. Beyond the job title and duties, a candidate wants to know what it’s like to work at your company including the culture. To help with finding fast food employees, include some information about your company’s values, mission, and goals. You should also provide details about the position, such as the salary and benefits.

The fast food industry calls for hard-working individuals. Your employees know the best candidates, so why not use them as your best recruitment tool? An employee referral platform streamlines the recruitment process while giving your employees a tool to make it simple. Ease of use is key when it comes to an employee making a referral. Employee referrals not only lead to some good leads but give you the opportunity to learn more about the candidate before interviewing them.

Gamify the process and make it fun for your employees. Offer incentives to get your employees excited about their job whether that is through bonuses or prizes. It can be easy to gamify the corporate world, but it can be effectively applied in restaurants as well. The process can be competitive for your fast food employees and help to motivate them to reach specific business goals. In the end they will be excited about going to work and wanting to participate. The gamification can go as far as helping with recruitment. If they are rewarded for their efforts in helping to build your recruitment pipeline they will actively want to participate.

Turnover in the fast food industry will always play a factor, but you can incorporate different efforts to keep the rate low. Remember to think about what candidates see when they are applying for a position. Is the description drawing candidates in and making them want to work for your company? Next, streamline the recruiting process by including your employees in your hiring efforts. Making your employees feel included and giving them the option to work with people they want will benefit your business in the long run. An employee referral platform brings ease of use and gamification to your fast food workers. Lastly, offer hiring incentives to engage your employees in the hiring process.