The NEW Talent War: Rebuilding Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

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The New Talent War was hosted by and sponsored by ERIN on June 3rd, 2020. The term “Talent War” has been loosely used over the past decade to describe the fight for top talent in competitive industries. In 2020, recruiting has been abruptly reshaped with talent acquisition leaders now fighting a new battle to keep their teams effective and in-tact, meet the new demands of their CEOs, embracing technology, and still recruiting top talent while navigating new hurdles that they’ve never faced before.

While the objective of recruiting top talent will always be the number one priority, this webinar will guide talent acquisition leaders and teams on how to also navigate emerging short term and long-term challenges for business and recruiting. ERIN Technologies and special guest speaker Tracie Brack will take a deep dive into addressing the current state of talent acquisition, the 5-year trends and challenges that you, your team, and your business will face, and how to overcome these obstacles using new strategies and technologies.

Using results from an April 2020 survey, we’ll explore how businesses are recruiting short term during the COVID-19 pandemic and we will quickly move on to the current longer-term trends that have been emerging over the past several years as recruiting and HR teams adapt to newer demands and objectives. We will explore changes in workforce needs and how candidates are discovered, as well as identifying areas where technology can greatly improve efficiencies and results. We’ll guide attendees on how to “score” proposed solutions and make meaningful recommendations to your leadership on adopting new strategies and technologies while including ways to highlight the strategic importance of having a rock-star talent acquisition teams!