Vaccine Mandates & Turnover

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Taking a look back at how the pandemic has evolved over the past two years, a lot has changed in our day-to-day. As of March 13, 2020, Covid 19 was declared a national emergency. It has now been over 600 days since this virus has taken a toll across the globe, yet there seems to be no end in sight. The uncertainty continues as the pandemic unfolds on a day-to-day basis, between the number of cases and how the mandates are affecting the world.  


We are now seeing companies implement a Covid 19 condition of employment. Since the pandemic began a lot of team members have been given the option to work remotely from the comfort of their homes. Now, many companies are requiring team members to be vaccinated in order to keep their positions. Companies are seeing increased turnover from these demands. The mandate is expected to have a large turnover whether it be voluntary or involuntary.  However, what if there was a way to minimize the disruption in the workforce as these changes occur? Companies shouldn’t be panicked at the thought of losing employees. There are tools like an employee referral software that gives you the benefit of filling your recruitment pipeline.  


Any expert will tell you the same thing: we are in an employment crisis. Unemployment numbers are climbing day-by-day. Meanwhile, job openings are growing exponentially– faster than employers can fill them. While vaccine mandates are intended to keep a healthier team, they also necessitate the removal (or the suspension) of employees who refuse to get vaccinated. This can be scary for employers who are already at a severe employee deficit, but with the modern luxury of an employee referral software, they shouldn’t have to worry about the impacts of these personnel losses.


An important thing to consider when losing a substantial chunk of your workforce is retaining your other employees. By allowing employees to recommend qualified friends and family, a company can create a healthier workforce, not only physically, but emotionally as well. Employee retention is substantially more likely when employees are happy with their work environment. 


Keep in mind that your employees know the best candidates for a position. If you involve your current employees in participating in the companies future and growth in return they will feel more trusted and valued. If one of your employees makes a referral they will feel like they are an active participant in the company. If that referral then gets hired it will be a feeling of accomplishment that they knew the best fit. Now your new employee is also feeling more engaged because they know at least one person at the company. This increased engagement will also lead to an increase in retention. 


Plus, an employee referral software will shave days off your time to hire. A priority for most businesses is saving time through an efficient process, especially during a hiring crisis. Over the past few years, hiring times have been steadily increasing along with the interview process. Traditional recruitment takes around 45-60 days to fill a position. If you are using an employee referral platform the time decreases to around 30 days. Depending on the employee referral software you choose the time to fill can be as low as 20 days. Keep in mind that employee referrals are 5x more likely to be hired and although turnover seems to be increasing it shouldn’t be something that you are fully focused on.


Remember, an employee referral software can only benefit you by filling your recruitment pipeline, shaving time off your days to hire, cutting recruiting costs, and creating a more engaged workforce. Turnover doesn’t need to be an issue when you have an employee referral software that turns your employees into your recruiters.