Administrator Guide: Managing Jobs, Referrals, and Bonuses

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Manage Jobs

Manage Jobs is the admin screen to use if you need to view all jobs laid out with each’s respective referrals and hires.  Jobs will be automatically opened and closed via your ATS integration. If you’d like to see the referrals for a particular position, simply expand one of the positions:

At the bottom of the Jobs Detail page you will see all referrals and hiring statuses for that position.

Referrals- All Referrals

The All Referrals tab is the screen where all referred candidates appeared as they are logged in ERIN. This is the view that shows the most detail on every referral that has been made. The table is ordered by most recent referrals by default, so you will see new referrals populate rows as they are made.You have the ability to change the sort order and export all of the data to a .csv file.

Clicking on a candidate’s name will take you to the Candidate Detail view where you can see all details about the candidate an all of their referrals.


Clicking on the job title will take you to the same Job Detail view shown from Manage Jobs.

And finally, clicking on the employee name will show you their full referral activity.

Bonuses-All Bonuses

The All Bonuses psage will be an important table for administering payment for the bonuses your employees earned. Here you will find the eligibility and status of payments that are due or soon to be due to your employees and candidates, depending on your referral policy.

Bonus eligibility date is determined by the waiting period associated with each bonus. For example, if you have a 90 day waiting period, the bonus eligibility date is set 90 days out from the hire date.

This page allows you to report on what dates bonuses are eligible to be paid. You do not need to manually update the “Status” of each bonus, but you have the option to if you’d like. The status will change from pending to earned once the eligible date is received. You can change the status at anytime to ineligible to cancel the bonus. You can also change the status to “Paid” if you’d like to use ERIN to record completed payments.


Bonuses- Bonus Builder

Bonus Builder is where the bonus amounts and payout periods are set per your referral policy. ERIN Support will set these up for you and can assist in making any changes if they are needed.

You can create different saves bonuses, setting multiple payments with multiple waiting periods. You can also choose employees and/or candidates to earn bonuses.

ERIN also provides the ability to display different bonuses based on “Employee Group”. For example you could configure ERIN to show and track a $1000 referral bonus for employees in the “USA” group, and $300 for employees in the “Thailand” group.

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