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ERIN Administrators can create Announcements for Employees to review when logged into ERIN. Share information with Employees announcing double bonuses, policy changes, new features, and more! Announcements can be created by Employee Groups and can be hidden from Employees until they are ready to be viewed.

To Use:

  1. From the “Announcements” page on the left-side menu, click “Add Announcement” button.
  2. Choose the Employee Group(s) for whom the Announcement should be visible.
  3. Enter the Announcement Name.
  4. Select “Hide From Employees” if you aren’t ready to share the Announcement with Employees.
  5. Enter Annoucement Content.
  6. Select “Add Announcement” to create an Announcement.

To Edit/Delete

  1. Select Edit or Delete from the “Announcements” page.
  2. Make modifications and confirm.
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