ERIN Custom Referral Stages

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Sometimes you want to give more transparency throughout the hiring process. ERIN can have up to six custom middle stages, with up to fifteen characters per stage name.

The default ERIN stages are:

Referred: Your candidate has been referred. They haven’t interacted with their referral yet.

No Response: Your candidate didn’t respond to their referral.

Declined: Your candidate declined their referral.

Accepted: Your candidate accepted their referral! Make sure they apply.

Inactive: Your candidate accepted their referral but didn’t apply for 30 days.

Custom Middle Stage 1:

Custom Middle Stage 2:

Custom Middle Stage 3:

Custom Middle Stage 4:

Custom Middle Stage 5:

Custom Middle Stage 6:

Hired: Your candidate has been hired!

Not Hired: Your candidate wasn’t hired this time!

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