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Sometimes you may want to gather more information about a candidate who has been referred. Through the Form Builder you can ask Custom Questions to details from either the Referring Employee or directly from the Candidate themself. New in ERIN 3.5, you can now create forms for Internal Mobility and General Referrals.


Navigate to Form Builder under the Message Center Tab. Once there select either the “Referral Form” button or the “Acceptance Form” button to add custom questions for your employees or candidates to answer, respectively. Questions can be in the form of Dropdown Multiple Choice, Single Line input, or Multi-line text.

Some common questions include:

  • What is your relationship with this referral?
  • How many years of experience does your referral have?
  • What Office Location would you like to work for?

All answers will be stored on the candidate’s profile and reviewed at a later time. Depending on the integration with your ATS, we can likely push answers to the Candidate profile of your ATS as well.

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