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All Referral data in the All Referrals grid can be exported by selecting the Export data to .CSV button in the top right corner of the grid. In addition to the data seen in the grid, other referral information is included in the report. A full list of the fields and their explanation below.


First Name

Last Name


User Group

Req Id

Recipient Email

Recipient Type


Referred Candidate

Candidate Email

Date Hired

Start Date

Amount Due


Employee Title

Employee Status

Eligible Date


Bonus Status




Referring Employee ID

Bonus ID


Contact Name: Referrals name

Candidate Email: Referrals email address

Job Name: Name of the referred position as it appears on the Job

Job Sub Company – Sub Company of the referred position

Employee Name – Name of referring Employee

Referring Employee Sub Company – Sub Company of referring Employee

Date Referred – Date when Referral was sent

Bonus – Bonus amount as it appears on the job card

Status – Current status of Candidate Referral (Referred, Accepted, etc.)*

Hire Date – Date Candidate was hired for a position

Referral Type –

Email – Referral shared via email. Text – Referral shared via text message, Self – Employee referred themselves to Job using I’m Interested** button

Referral Date – Date Candidate was referred

Admin Note – Notes added by Recruiter/Admin roles in ERIN

Notes – Optional notes sent to Candidate from Employee when referred

Message – Optional message sent to Recruiter for Job when Candidate is referred

Referral Source –

Direct – Referrals sent directly to Candidate;  General – Referrals created as a General Referral***;  Share – Referrals shared via social media

Device Type – Mobile ; Web

ATS ID – ATS ID (if using integration)

Department – Department for the Job

Referring Employee ID – Employee ID (if using integration)


Note: Form Builder in ERIN Message Center (hyperlink to Message Center page) gives Admin the ability to add additional questions on the Referral Form, Acceptance Form and Internal Mobility

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