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Referral Statuses

When tracking the candidate status of a referral as either an admin or employee, you will see a designation within the Referral Card. These statuses provide details on where the candidate sits in the hiring process.
Referral statuses include: 

  • Referred: An email or text has been successfully sent to candidate, but the candidate has yet to accept or decline.
  • Accepted: The candidate has accepted the referral, but may or may not have applied yet.
  • Interviewing: The candidate has applied for the position and is now in the process of being interviewed by department and HR personnel before a decision is rendered.
  • Hired: Your candidate has been successfully hired for the position. Upon the minimum waiting period being completed, you should see a bonus added to your total and shortly distributed to the referrer.
  • Not Hired: Your candidate was interviewed and was unsuccessful in the hiring process. Although this position may not have been successful, feel free to try again for another position within the company.
  • Declined: The candidate received the email or text referral, however they decided to decline the offer.
  • No Response: At this point, the candidate has received your referral, however 30-days have lapsed without a response from them. They still have the opportunity to use this referral to apply if they choose to.
  • Inactive: If your candidate is labeled as this, they have successfully accepted your referral however they have not applied or moved onto another step after 30-days of inactivity.
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