ERIN Releases First Ever Free Employee Referral Product

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PITTSBURGH, PA – January 20th, 2021 – ERIN, a Smart Employee Referral Platform that helps businesses recruit high-quality candidates through employee referrals, today announced the launch of ERIN Free. The free version of the employee referral software allows administrators to log referrals, track bonuses, create bonus reports, and be sent automated bonus due alerts. ERIN Free combines bonus and referral management to help replace manual spreadsheet tracking that is common in businesses of all sizes. ERIN Free is available immediately and interested businesses can create an account on


“The goal is to help people manage referrals and help talent acquisition teams manage their talent pipeline. We saw a real need during covid for referral management when talent acquisition teams were downsized and dealing with non-existent budgets.” said Mike Stafiej, CEO of ERIN.


ERIN Free provides administrators with automation and management tools that help to track referrals, report on metrics, and track bonuses. ERIN Free features a quick add feature to instantly log referrals as well as a bulk import feature to help new customers convert their existing spreadsheets. All of ERIN Free’s features are available on the ERIN website and the ERIN mobile app. The ERIN mobile and iPad app can be downloaded directly from the Apple App store or the Google Play store.


ERIN Free features include:

  • Log referrals, edit statuses and gather important success metrics
  • Create bonuses based on your policy’s rules and waiting periods, automatically scheduling bonuses for the right date
  • Receive email notifications when bonuses are earned, create a bonus report, or export bonuses to a CSV
  • Automatically schedule multiple bonus payments and candidate bonuses
  • The ERIN Free dashboard will show you valuable metrics about your referrals, bonuses, and jobs. 
  • Log and manage referrals and bonuses on the go with the ERIN Free mobile app.


A full list of the enterprise features can be seen at


About ERIN

ERIN Technologies, Inc. is a smart employee referral platform that helps businesses find high-quality candidates quickly via employee referrals. By simplifying both the management of referrals and the actual act of making referrals, businesses are able to engage more of their employees for referrals and spend less time doing so. The backbone of ERIN is ERIN’s innovative Smart Referral technology, allowing employees to see recommended referrals for any contact in their network. ERIN is based in New York, NY and was founded in 2018. To learn more about ERIN and how their platform helps businesses recruit, visit


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