ERIN Technologies Partners with Perpetual Labor Sourcing to Innovate Labor Workforce Recruiting

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ERIN Technologies, creator of the ERIN Smart Employee Referral Platform that helps businesses recruit through employee referrals, today announced a partnership with Perpetual Labor Sourcing, an outsourced HR and Recruiting firm that specializes in high-volume recruiting in various labor industries. The partnership is founded with the goal of bringing an innovative employee referral solution to businesses that primarily employee blue collar and labor-focused workers.

The partnership brings employee referral technology, for the first time at scale, to a non-tech focused workforce. “Blue collar workers are not spending 8 hours a day in front of a computer to do their job. They are traveling to worksites, performing hands-on tasks, and are constantly on the move” says Mike Stafiej, CEO of Erin Technologies. “By working with PLS we’ve been able to implement innovations to our mobile app, such as our text-a-referral feature, allowing employees to refer their friends and contacts for open positions directly from their phone. For the first time ever employees without regular computer access can be kept in the loop of recruiting efforts in real time.” The ERIN mobile app promotes employee engagement in their businesses’ recruiting efforts by allowing them to make employee referrals with the click of a button on any computer or smartphone.

Eric Petree, President of Perpetual Labor Sourcing, said “The demand for qualified labor is at an all-time high and the current shortage is not expected to change for years or even decades. Employee referrals are one of the most underutilized sources of candidates in the labor industry. By providing ERIN as an effective way to implement an employee referral program, we’re able to find higher quality candidates faster, reducing overall short and long term recruitment costs for our clients”.

Together, ERIN Technologies and Perpetual Labor Sourcing are focused on minimizing the impact of the current labor shortage for jobs ranging from HVAC technicians and electricians to construction workers and oil industry workers.

Businesses that are interested in learning more about how ERIN’s Employee Referral Platform works can visit . To learn more about Perpetual Labor Sourcing high-volume recruiting services you can visit

About ERIN
ERIN Technologies, Inc. is a smart employee referral platform that helps businesses find high-quality candidates quickly via employee referrals. By simplifying both the management of referrals and the actual act of making referrals, businesses are able to engage more of their employees for referrals and spend less time doing so. The backbone of ERIN is it’s innovative Smart Referral technology, allowing employees to see recommended referrals for any contact in their network. ERIN is based in New York, NY and was founded in 2018. To learn more about ERIN and how their platform helps businesses recruit, visit